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OAS’s trajectory is backed by commitment and competence in the execution of its projects. The company believes in the utmost importance of building and supporting a positive workplace, based on an ethical and transparent culture, that people can be pride of and rely on its integrity and dedication.

OAS’s Code of Conduct establishes and disseminates rules, principles, and values regulating the company’s operation in the market, in addition to guide the professional conduct of all OAS’s employees and partners in order to maintain the good performance of their activities and a cordial relationship between the internal and external audiences, associates, customers, communities, and third parties.

With its implementation in 2014, OAS has reaffirmed its commitment to comply with all laws applicable to the company’s economic activities and ethical values.

All associates, i.e., OAS’s employees, trainees, board members, officers, and other representatives, must be familiar and act in accordance with these principles in all their everyday functions and activities, using them as a guide to interact with each other, the community, and public authorities. OAS’s Code of Conduct should also be transmitted and applied to all suppliers of goods and services, as well as to consortium members and partners of OAS, who must respect and comply with the rules of conduct established in the Code in order to maintain a business relationship with OAS. OAS’s efforts in the sense of having the Code of Conduct accepted and understood by everyone are consistent.

OAS Ethics Channel

What is it?

OAS Ethics Channel is where occasional breaches of the Code of Conduct, internal rules, and the legislation in force can be reported, as well as events that can damage OAS’s image and business, and where a Q&A about the Code’s content and application can be found. Reports are reviewed by the Compliance Committee, which is responsible for following-up the compliance with the rules, clearing any raised doubts, and coordinating the investigations of reports filed confidentially.

Why is it important?

It as a tool of fundamental importance for the company’s integrity program, as the actions practiced and reported will be reviewed for the appropriate measures to be taken in order to minimize any damages.

How does it work?

The internal process works as follows: the reporter files the report through the reporting channel, which can be done either using their name or anonymously.

The Compliance Committee is responsible for reviewing and coordinating the investigations of the event reported and for clearing any doubts. Once a conclusion is reached, the Committee will make a decision and determine the appropriate corrective actions for the case. For safety and confidentiality reasons, the conclusion of the investigation is communicated only to reporters who identified themselves.


To contact OAS Ethics Channel, you should have the following information:

- Where, how, and when the event occurred?

- Who is supposedly involved in or responsible for it?

- What seems to be the reason for it?


Where can I find examples of breaches or conflicting situations?

OAS’s Code of Conduct contains hypothetical situations showing what the associates should do.

Some examples of behaviors and actions that are not in compliance with the Code of Conduct include: corruption, moral or sexual harassment, financial deviations and illegal advantages, using confidential information, unequal treatment, and poor work and safety conditions.


Who can use it?

OAS Ethics Channel can be used by all OAS’s direct or indirect associates who wish to file a report in good faith, with responsibility and ethical commitment.

It is worth emphasizing that filing false reports or providing inaccurate and misleading information is also a breach of the Code of Ethics.

Other available communication channels:
  • Toll-free telephone assistance through the following numbers:
    • 0800 721 9560 (for calls made from Brazil);or
    • collect call to 5511-2124-6200 (for calls made from abroad)
  • Electronic messages (e-mails) to:; and
  • P.O. Box: 79518, Zip code: 04711-904, São Paulo - SP.


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