OAS signs leniency agreement with CGU and AGU and promises to resume

Officialization of the agreement allows the company to privately and publicly hire at the federal level, which enables the return of the company in its strong performance in the civil construction sector, in an absolutely integral way 

São Paulo, November 14, 2019 - OAS signed on Thursday (14) the leniency agreement, in the amount of R$ 1.9 billion, with the Office of the Federal Controller General (CGU) and the Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Government (AGU). This is an important milestone in the company's process of collaboration with the country's authorities. 

Together with CGU and AGU, the company was able to build an agreement that has form and deadline for payment that fit perfectly with the company's ability to comply, without compromising its cash flow, and that certainly strengthens legal security in the fight against corruption, which enables the company to continue gathering new business, also ensuring the public interest in job maintenance and opportunities. 

“As soon as we took over the company, we made every effort to ensure that this agreement was made. This settling of scores with past wrongdoing opens the doors to the future we want, and we work on a daily basis in order to build a solid, ethical company, fulfilling its obligations and generating wealth and jobs for the country,” said Josedir Barreto, president of OAS. 

Since March 2018, OAS has had a new management, which has been working on the restructuring of the company, focusing on professional governance, drastic reduction of expenses, review and optimization of internal processes and strengthening of the Compliance area: “This has been a constant work for the creation of a lean, integrated and effective model within all areas of the company, in addition, the support to the Compliance area is unconditional and unrestricted,” adds the corporate vice president, José Manuel Parada. 

“From now on, more and more, the teams will be 100% focused on the conquest of new business, presenting their existing technical capacity and excellence in providing their services in engineering, whether for public or private clients”, explains the president Josedir Barreto, “This agreement turns a page and opens the possibility of building new stories,” he concludes. 

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