Construtora OAS

With a global presence and acting in all infrastructure segments, OAS Engenharia - by means of Construtora OAS - stands out for the excellence of its services, for both the private and public sectors, providing its customers with innovative solutions in engineering, state-of-the-art technology, quality in the performance and compliance with the time frames of its projects.

Its portfolio with above 36 years of services consists of projects which are benchmark in civil construction in Brazil. These include numerous works in the oil and gas branches, with refineries, petrochemical companies, logistic terminals, LPG ducts and gas pipelines, in the on-shore area, and drillship production platforms in the off-shore area. For the power sector, it builds hydro power plants and thermal power plants. In the infrastructure branch, it builds highways, subways, dams, water mains, tunnels, bridges, ports, airports, sporting complex and buildings in general.

How we do

Get to know the engineering challenges of building bridges, tunnels and subways.

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